L’intégrale de la musique

Camilo Cordoba

Activités professionnelles
Guitare (interprète)

He has studied at E.M.P.A (Buenos Aires – Argentina), where he did the Jazz and Tango career studying with maestros such as Anibal Arias and “Chocho” Ruiz; he also took private lessons with Javier Cohen.

He dabbled into composition with Maestros he specifically select because of their original style : Guillermo Klein, Diego Schissi, and Nicolás Gershberg.

Since 2004 he has been part of the Violentango Quintet as guitarist and composer, with which he recorded 5 CDs, and participate in several international tours in Europe, North America and Latin America; performing at famous festivals such as Glastonbury Festival (UK), Jazz al arque (CO), Virada Cultural (BR), Savassi Jazz (BR), Vive Latino (MX), Heineken Canarias Jazz (ES), Nishville Jazz (SR), Para Ti Latino (BR), among others.

He received recognitions from the Ministry of Culture, declared to be as “Cultural and Artistic Interest” for his quintet (2012), and declared from the Ministry for Foreing Affairs and Ministry of Tourism as “..part of the national identity of Argentina, being granted the status of "Brand Ambassadors" for the country (2013).

Since year 2016 he moved to Brussels, Belgium, where he lives nowadays. There he has joined some other contemporary tango groups:

Sonico a Brussels based quintet that celebrates the repertoire of the Argentinian composer Eduardo Rovira. With this group he  has participated in important Jazz, Tango, Classical Music and World Music festivals in Latin America and Europe.

On July 2018 he has created a traditional tango quintet called Quinteto Ensueños in collaboration with some of the best european tango musicians from the new generation.This project works deeply into the different traditional tango styles from maestros O. Pugliese, A. Troilo, H. Salgán, Di Sarli, among others.

Nowadays he’s performing with: Violentango, Sonico, Quinteto Ensueños, Quinteto Ruggiero, among others.

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