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Dominic Ntoumos

Dominic Ntoumos

sous-catégories : Trompette (interprète), Bugle (interprète), Composition genres : Jazz, Musiques du monde & traditionnelles

Trumpeter Dominic Ntoumos caught the attention at Tecmo Festival, in Gaume, Belgium. In the middle of a hot afternoon on a small outdoor stage, the sound of a band that was clearly imbued with the spirit of the great Miles Davis but had so much energy of its own to give cut through a lazy-Sunday torpor and made the after-lunch crowd really sit up and listen. Ntoumos is a single-minded and focused bandleader.

A first-prize winner at the Royal Academy of Brussels, he graduated in 1999 and lost no time making his way in the music business. As a young jazz musician he was already turned into his own generation’s interests - so rappers and Djs playing in live bands were as natural to him as guitarists and drummers. He mixes these elements with producer’s skill, perhaps indicative of the opportunities he has already found to record for others, including Kesiah Jones, Martina Topley-Bird and Z-Star. As part of the band Think Of One, Dominic Ntoumos shared a nomination for the 2004 BBC World Music Awards, showcased live in Edinburgh. True, perhaps , to his Brussels origins, he has made all Europe his home, choosing to work in his regular band with UK talents like the prodigiously talented pianist and composer Robert Mitchell and the French drummer Maxime Zampieri as well as colleagues from his native Belgium such as guitarist Réginald Trigaux.

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