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Hulencourt Soloists Chamber Orchestra

Hulencourt Soloists Chamber Orchestra

sous-catégories : Ensemble de plus de 5 musiciens (musiques classique et contemporaine) genres : Classique & Contemporain (classique)

The HSCO is a pioneer initiative in Belgium. It was founded in 2012 by the pianist and conductor Palmo Venneri who remains its musical director. Since their inaugural concert at the Concertgebouw, Brugge (2012), the HSCO has been praised all over Belgium after performing at many of the major musical venues.

The historical significance of Hulencourt is quite symbolic for us and dates back to the 11th century. It was owned by the Countess of Boulogne and was used by the Count as a head-quarter while conquering England in 1066 fighting alongside William of Normandy. Nowadays Hulencourt, only a few miles south of Brussels, holds a very different type of head-quarters for a new emotional conquest and therefore the soloist members of the HSCO are young international prizewinners brought to Hulencourt from all over Europe.

The term “chamber” does not refers to size but to the concept of a chamber music approach in the performances, for an exquisite rendering of orchestral playing. This ideal is shared by all the HSCO musicians. The 73 core members of the HSCO come from 23 different European countries and are captained by a German Concertmeister, the violin virtuoso Stefan Tarara.

The aim of the orchestra is to offer young professional musicians a unique experience, with the chance to play in magnificent venues and to participate in an intense experience and full immersion of classical and contemporary music.

The orchestra’s repertoire spans wide, but the core repertoire mostly comprises the main symphonic works from the classical and early Romantic periods. Its flexible structure allows the HSCO to perform a broad range of styles and all kind of formats,as from chamber music compositions to large monumental symphonies, from baroque to contemporary music, including several world premieres of works by: Misha Mullov-Abbado, Ohad Ben Ari, Guy Braunstein and Jacques Alphonse De Zeegant, composer in residence HSCO.

Furthermore, significant artistic partners include the conductors Thomas Zehetmair, Sachio Fujioka, Niklas Willen, Benjamin Ellin and soloists as Boris Berezovsky, Stefan Tarara, Nelson Freire, Nelson Goerner, Ruben Simeo, Richard Galliano, Augustin Dumay, Valery Afanassiev, Guy Braunstein, Evelyn Berezovsky, Gilad Karni, Ramon Ortega Quero, Alicia Nafé and Michael Barenboim.

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