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Henry Bliss

sous-catégories : Voix, Direction (organisme) genres : Pop - Folk - Rock

Henry Bliss was born in Brussels and started as a singer and songwriter in 2005. After many different Pop-Rock band experiences, he decided to launch his career and to carry on in a professional way. The first album "Lovely Pretty Day"(released in 2009 - H.Bliss/dada/Hebra records) has been written like an author writes his own life. More than an album, it was the result of a need to "create in order to soothe" and the opportunity to find a balance in life and to turn a crumpled page.
His artist's name "Bliss" means beatitude, serenity or happiness. the way he chose !
By using "Bliss", I made the choice to change the way I usually felt, I'm appropriating my longing for calm as expressed in many of my songs, I'm appropriating some happiness !

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